Integral to Dube AgriZone's 16-hectare first phase is an intensive hydroponic growing system.

This incorporates five greenhouses, 160 000 square metres in extent - the largest climate-controlled growing area under glass in Africa.

The facility's greenhouses have been benchmarked against the world's leaders in greenhouse technology. Attributes include highly sophisticated Priva climate control, a water re-circulation system for irrigation, heating and CO2 systems, a fogging system for humidity control and the provision of both screens and natural vents at the top of the structures, each of which is 6 metres in height. All of this contributes towards significantly improved climate control and optimal agricultural growing conditions.

The greenhouses are utilised by private growers for the cultivation of fresh produce and other horticultural products.  Dube AgriZone’s anchor tenant is Qutom Farms, a national supplier to both Woolworths and Freshmark stores.  In excess of 40 tonnes of produce is harvested every week.