Packing and Distribution Centre

In a first for KwaZulu-Natal, Dube AgriZone is home to a 4 200 square metre high-care fresh produce value adding packhouse and distribution centre.

The centre, operated by respected private sector company, is designed expressly for the rigorous demands of modern produce supply chains.

It draws quality produce from both in and outside Dube AgriZone.

The company, which employs the highest standards of hygiene, delivers the vital expertise in utilising a series of ripening rooms to ripen harvested produce, so ensuring rapid and timely responses to the demands of the market, as well as other climate-controlled and high-care facilities. Its function is to stage, process and package individual and mixed vegetable packs and fruit, together with their distribution, on behalf of both Dube AgriZone farmers and other South African farmers.

A cold storage unit has enabled the company to become a major staging facility for a number of its suppliers across South Africa.

The Packhouse and Distribution Centre is yet to be certified under Global Gap and HACCP, and has already successfully passed audits by Woolworths, and this, together with its close proximity to King Shaka International Airport, has enabled this company to take advantage of export opportunities from the centre.

The building is equipped with photovoltaic panels, installed on the roof, so as to reduce its reliance on energy from the national grid.

The facility offers the competitive advantage of being ideally positioned to meet and exceed market expectations given its strategic location within Dube TradePort and within easy distance to King Shaka International Airport and Dube Cargo Terminal.