Dube AgriZone includes a nursery operation which is primarily used to stock a wide variety of indigenous plant species aimed for inclusion in Dube TradePort Corporation's precinct-wide Rehabilitation and Restoration Programme, in compliance with EIA regulations.

The nursery comprises a misting tunnel, potting shed and a staging area. 

The organisation's rehabilitation efforts are designed to restore in excess of 500 hectares of land within Dube TradePort and constitute arguably the largest and most complex undertaking of its kind in KwaZulu-Natal. The intention is to restore these areas to their natural state, re-creating eco-systems previously affected by the development of the infrastructure project.

More than 180 different indigenous plant species on the property have been recorded and, with special permission, seed has been widely collected and propagated in a mist tunnel before being introduced to the nursery, ahead of planting within designated areas across the precinct.